Professional Home Inspector Services

Professional Home Inspector Services

Professional Home Inspector ServicesProfessional Home Inspector ServicesProfessional Home Inspector Services

Rely on my certified training and expertise for your home inspection needs, for Waynesboro, Greencastle, and Chambersburg PA.

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  • Buyer's Home Inspections:  A buyer's inspection is initiated by the home buyer usually as a contingency to the final close of a real estate sale. These types of inspections are designed to assure that there are no hidden surprises for the purchaser.

  • Seller's Home Inspections:  A seller's inspection is initiated by the property owner usually prior to listing the property. It helps the seller to determine what systems and structures of the property need repair. More importantly, it helps the seller and the seller's agent to accurately represent the home by disclosing damage to prospective buyers (which further helps to curb lawsuits). Damage discovered as a result of a seller's inspection can either be repaired by the seller (to maintain market value) or used as a negotiating tool by both seller and buyer.

  • Warranty Home Inspections:  A warranty inspection is used by the purchaser of a property just prior to the expiration of a warranty period. Warranty inspection can help the new owner to avoid costly out of pocket expenses that could otherwise be covered by a home warranty that is still in force.

  • Maintenance Home Inspections:  Also called a "Home Health Check-up", maintenance inspections are performed usually once per year simply to ensure the integrity of a home's systems and structure. Because all things have a "planned obsolescence" period, maintenance inspections help to make the homeowner aware of immediate and upcoming needs for replacement and repair that could save thousands-of-dollars if discovered early-on.

  • New Construction Home Inspections:  Many things can go wrong during new construction which could take years to surface and prove costly to the home buyer if left undetected. Home buyers of newly constructed homes may not be aware they may have an inspection clause included with their new home contract. Fact is, a new home buyer can greatly benefit from using a professional home inspector during the construction and completion of their new home.

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